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Add this delicious healthy beetroot ketchup to your next meal. This delightful alternative ketchup is made using mostly organic produce from local farmers.  Our beetroot ketchup is free from   artificial colorings, flavorings and sweeteners. 


It is suitable for everyone weather you are a vegan or meat lover.  This nutritious and finger licking beetroot ketchup goes well with a variety of your favorite meals such as  French fries, sweet potato fries  burgers, hot dogs,  steaks, fried chicken, chicken wings, pulled pork, sliders,  and much more


Ingredients: organic Beet Root, organic Onion, organic Apple Cider Vinegar, organic Scotch Bonnet  Peppers, organic Garlic, organic  Sugar, Cloves, Thyme, salt Coriander

Scotch Bonnet Beet Ketchup

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly shop
$13.50every month until canceled
Regular shop
$13.95every week for 9 weeks
  • Refrigerate after opening

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